3cTri membership year runs from 1st April through to the 31st March.

The cost of membership is:-

Membership Type
1 Year membership from April 1st
Last 6 Months of Club Year (from Oct)

Membership to 3cTri is available via either the On-line portal or by a postal form.

The online portal will allow you pay via your Paypal account or via credit card by using the Paypal Guest Account. Once register you then manage your account details and change/print your membership card.

The membership card will be used to prove identidy to get Membership discounts

We also have a paper form which will need to be filled in with all details and sent to the membership secretary with either a cheque or by filling in the standing order section of the form

Membership Perks

Spokes of Bagshot Discount

Address: 55 High Street, Bagshot, Surrey GU19 5AH, United Kingdom

  • 10% Discount across the store
  • 50% off Bike fit if you bring your own bike
  • Free Bike fit if you buy a bike from Spokes (bike fit option dependant on price of bike)
  • 1 free Service per year if you buy a bike from Spokes
  • Advance notice of instore events

Other Discounts

Tritahlon England

  • £11 discount on Triathlon England which provides:-
    • Public liability and personal accident insurance cover while you are racing in permitted events and training for permitted events for the duration of your membership
    • Free legal advice and support if you are involved in an accident that was not your fault. A report will be taken by our staff and sent to our Insurers and Solicitors to help with your claim.
    • As a member you are eligible to try and qualify and be able to wear the Zeroed kit and represent Great Britain at the ETU and ITU Age-Group Championship events. Every year we take teams to the Sprint, Standard, Long distance, Duathlon, Aquathlon and Cross Triathlon Championships, with athletes aged 16 years to 80 years
  • Loads of advice


On-line Membership Portal

Paper Membership Form




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